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Competitive Projects for Higher Education Institutions Excellence

Date: 19/3/2014

Excellence support management in higher education development project management announces about uploading the final version of application form for competitive projects for higher education institutions excellence, on:

This is to enhance excellence in higher education institutions in the fields of education, learning, research and community service to maximize the competitive leadership for these institutions over the regional and international level.

Higher education development projects management unit is honored to announce about opening the door for projects' proposals, but the last day for delivering proposals is on Wednesday 30/4/2014 according to rules as the following:

1)      The projects should include development in one of academic, research or service fields or administrative field from the other side within the actual requirements of the educational institution.

2)      Every education institution which seeks to get a project should provide study accredited from institution council to determine the actual institution requirements to achieve or enhance excellence.

3)      A modern report accredited from quality insurance center board 2012/2013 should include external review for educational institution explaining the field of excellence or fields can be developed to reach excellence with accredited copy of the last annual report for the faculty 2012/2013 or self-study 2012/2013.

4)      The budget of project funding of the unit ranges from 2-4 million pounds.

5)      The university funding does not decrease about 50% of unit funding.

6)      It is not allowed for the faculty which gets practical and professional skills development project applies for being granted a project which serves the same field.

7)      It is not allowed for the faculty to apply for more than one project.

8)      It is not allowed for the faculty which gets a project implemented for higher education institutions excellence applies for a project in this cycle.